Our Approach

Our goal is simply to make players better and to have more fun while playing the game of golf.  There is no cookie-cutter approach to improvement and each individual has a particular formula in which they will improve the fastest.  Whether it is utilizing the latest technologies or going on the golf course to evaluate your game... conventional or unconventional and without "getting worse before you get better" we will work together to fulfill your potential.


Our Story

Being in the golf industry for nearly 2 decades managing and coaching at numerous golf courses in Arizona, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, as well as learning from many golf instructors and  coaches of different disciplines has molded and led me to where I am today. Following my true passion of coaching golfers and leaving the budgets and tournament operations to others is why I am here to make you a better golfer.

Brett Zenewicz

Founder & Director of Instruction

Brett has instructed and coached golfers of all ages and abilities, from beginners to aspiring Tour Professionals all over the United States of America.  Based in Erie, Pennsylvania he tailors swings, and coaches you to shoot your lowest scores the fastest. Brett is always available to speak to personally, and can be contacted via cell, text, email, or dm.

How to get ahold of Brett...

Call/Text: (814)397-6891 Email: